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David Battersby

Senior Full Stack Developer | Course Instructor

Web Apps for your startup

Want to start an online business and need help with the tech? I've prepared some popular web apps as Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that will get you up and running.

Craigslist Clone

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Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Craigslist features.

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Instagram Clone

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Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Instagram features.

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Tinder Clone

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Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Tinder features.

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Real Estate Platform

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Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Real Estate features.

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Reddit Clone

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Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Reddit features.

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Complete Bundle

Bundle - Starter code for all 5 apps


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Access all 5 MVP builds, use the code as a learning aid or launch your own projects.

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Student Feedback

Mission Statement

My name is David, I am an experienced full-stack developer with more than 15 years experience. I have built more than 100 websites and apps in the areas of SaaS, custom e-commerce websites, online education platforms and more.

It is my goal to share my knowledge, experience and skillset with you to help you level up and become the best full-stack developer possible.

Online courses with a focus on teaching new developers how to build anything. Sharpen your web development skills today!

Sharing What I've Learned

Getting started as a web developer or app developer can feel extremely difficult. There is so much information out there that it's hard to know where to begin. After 15 years of building websites, apps, ecommerce stores and SaaS platforms. I realised I was in a position to really help others get off to a good start.

The objective of this website, my courses and my YouTube channel is to teach you how to build great tech products. However, there is more to being a successful developer than that. That's why it's also very important to share my experiences and help students learn how to find their first developer job, whether that is working for a tech startup, a software development company or a design agency.

David Battersby giving a talk on tech startups


Do I need to be an experienced developer to enrol in your courses?

Most of our courses are suitable for all levels of experience. The only exception would be that if a course is labelled as 'Advanced', in which case you will be expected to know the fundamentals already.

Where can I access the files after purchasing one of your apps?

Once you have made the payment you will receive an email containing a link to login and download the files. Once logged in you will also get access to selected member offers and discounts.

What usage rights do I have after I purchase a one of the apps?

The app code can be used for both commercial and non commercial projects. You are also free to modify the code and add features for use on your own projects. We only ask that you don't resell the code on your own website. Unless you have obtained permission from us to resell the code, selling the code as a downloadable product will be seen as a breach of our terms and conditions.

What should I do if I don't receive an email after purchasing?

If you do not receive an email confirming your purchase within a few minutes, do not panic. Email confirmations are automated and should be received very quickly. On rare occasions we may encounter technical issues. If you do not receive the email within an hour, simply reach out to us at any of the channels below.

Other projects I've built

Here you will find a list of other projects that I am growing in my free time.

The one-stop online destination loaded with over thirty free calculators to support your everyday needs. Free financial calculators for mortgage repayments, personal loans, compound interest and fixed deposit savings and more.

A Collection of Free Online Speed Tests. Use the Internet Speed Test to check your wifi speed. Try the typing test to measure your average typing speed and words per minute.

Better Invoicing for your Freelance Business. Send professional quotations and invoices to your clients. Spend less time manually creating project estimates and sending invoices. Spend more time getting paid for doing what you love.

Get in touch

You can reach out to me on the following channels to find out more about any of the products or courses I am selling.

I'm also open to suggestions on videos / courses or products that you would like to see added in the future.


[email protected]