Sitemap Generator in Rails with Amazon S3 upload

This is a quick guide on how to use Sitemap Generator in Ruby on Rails dynamically and upload your sitemap to Amazon S3. There is a handy little gem called sitemap_generator which does the building of the sitemap for us. We will use Carrierwave and Fog gems to handle the uploading to Amazon S3. Let’s […]

Setup free emails on your domain as alternative to gmail for business

There was a time when it was easy to get [email protected] using Google mail. However now for all new domains Google charges $50 per year for this service. When you run multiple websites and blogs this can get costly rather quickly. Some registrars provide a free email account with your domain name. When this is […]

Ruby on Rails routing based on user authentication

When building a Ruby on Rails application you may need to set different routes for logged in users and non logged in users. For example your root url is your homepage for non authenticated users, then after they are logged in the same route points to the user’s dashboard. Using lambda or a Proc we […]

Getting around file size limits of FAT32 by splitting files into parts and rebuilding later

I recently hit an issue that I had never quite encountered before. I needed to back up a 6.5GB file onto an external hard drive that due to the formatting (FAT32) could store a maximum of 4GB. Reformatting the hard drive is one way to get around this however I have around 500GB saved on […]

Moving from one VPS to another using ssh and rsync

Depending on your approach and the tools available at the time, moving host can be a real pain or a breeze. There are many different approaches, but I am going to show a quick method of using ssh and rsync to pass the files from one VPS to another. A slower and much┬áriskier approach is […]