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Instagram Clone

Get the core functionality of Instagram to kick start your project. Download the code for a web app version of the popular Instagram platform and launch your app in days rather than months.

Product Details

Get the starter code for your project

Allow users to create an account, upload photos, like and comment on photos, follower users and be followed and more.

Functionality included

- Sign up / sign in / forgot password
- Sign in with Facebook
- Upload image to Amazon S3
- Feed of latest posts
- Like and comment on posts
- Follow users and get followed by them
- User profile / edit account details

About the code

- Built with Ruby on Rails 6
- Ready to deploy to live website
- Instructions on how to setup included

Need help with your MVP?

- We've included requirements for finding a developer
- We can quote for additional custom work

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What usage rights do I have after I purchase a one of the apps?

The app code can be used for both commercial and non commercial projects. You are also free to modify the code and add features for use on your own projects. We only ask that you don't resell the code on your own website. Unless you have obtained permission from us to resell the code, selling the code as a downloadable product will be seen as a breach of our terms and conditions.

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If you do not receive an email confirming your purchase within a few minutes, do not panic. Email confirmations are automated and should be received very quickly. On rare occasions we may encounter technical issues. If you do not receive the email within an hour, simply reach out to us at any of the channels below.

Web Apps for your startup

Want to start an online business and need help with the tech? I've prepared some popular web apps as Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that will get you up and running.

Craigslist Clone

Get the starter code for your project


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Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Craigslist features.

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Real Estate Platform

Get the starter code for your project


Save $500.00

Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Real Estate features.

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Tinder Clone

Get the starter code for your project


Save $500.00

Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Tinder features.

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Reddit Clone

Get the starter code for your project


Save $500.00

Start your project fast with our MVP build of the core Reddit features.

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Ruby on Rails 6 for Beginners

Ruby on Rails 6 Course for Beginners

Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful frameworks for building web applications and is trusted by huge companies such as Airbnb, Twitter, Shopify and Github.

Rails gives you the ability to create working products FAST! Because of this, Ruby on Rails has become hugely popular with many startups. Due to this demand, Rails developers enjoy one of the highest paid salaries in the market.

Normal price: $119.99
Discount price: $79.99

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